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  • Пн, 20:44: every time someone says around me that they want to see dave's personality 'redeemed', i understand fandom even less
  • Вт, 03:08: Narcissistic characters are a pain to RP when you want to respond to people but all the CHARACTER wants to hear is their own company.
  • Вт, 03:12: By being registered on apparently it decided to be helpful and auto-register me on another. Three problems with this.
  • Вт, 03:13: A) OKAY, THIS IS REALLY SCARY? B) howrse account is part of my dave twitter, which means this is now on his name.
  • Вт, 03:17: Dude. This site expects you to get so indepth you have made MEAL PLANS. If I wanted to do all that I'd have a fucking baby, okay.
  • Вт, 03:35: this red dwarf extended clip i found on youtube killed me im dead it killed me
  • Вт, 04:42: oh god im so creeped out, i was logged into an RP account that for now cannot be linked to anyone and is isolated very carefully and yet
  • Вт, 04:42: it was friended just now by one person: santa. OH GOD HE REALLY DOES KNOW
  • Вт, 04:45: RT @melodic_cool: @nomnombrainz He just wants to give to Dave his lumps of coal :) #getshoveling
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  • Вт, 14:49: anyone who expected me online today, i apologize in advance that might not happen. probably won't, alas.
  • Вт, 14:50: psych is trying to solve my current terriblest insomnia by shoving a one-time-use-only sleeping pill at me to take like, thirty minutes ago.
  • Вт, 14:50: So yeah, I'll probably either sleep through the entire day or go to PES if that doesn't work, either way no computer.
  • Вт, 14:51: RT @topatoco: Homestuck book will be re-available on December 27, we have to take a couple days off, been working 7 days a week for over ...
  • Ср, 02:28: how use pesterchum what do
  • Ср, 03:09: RT @auspiced: Oy, Homestuck RP. It seems the only way this group of trolls/kids works is to have Dave+Terezi constantly tell everyone ho ...
  • Ср, 03:09: RT @auspiced: When that is true, one may want to start to rethink their life choices.
  • Ср, 03:20: RT @shithivemaggots: Can Kanaya and Rose just get their loving on already
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  • Вс, 23:56: I guess twitter has a Strider Agenda. Or Firefox, I guess. It keeps logging me out of this account and into his on its own.
  • Вс, 23:57: Then it's refusing to log out and refusing to go to any other website. Any website I type in that tab it sends me back to him.
  • Пн, 00:25: RT @kippsterrr: welcome to canada. quiet please, we're all watching curling
  • Пн, 01:08: ...I just stumbled on an article on a wiki that is about me. Umm? Why would this exist, I am not that interesting.
  • Пн, 01:12: Okay, I'm creeped out, this remembers more about me than I do.
  • Пн, 04:18: Suddenly confuses the hell out of me. Isn't that site there for patients to address disorders and meds on a personal level?
  • Пн, 04:19: Nope, guess not. Thought about joining. But nobody with my disorder is allowed to post about it,you are automatically banned before starting
  • Пн, 04:20: Talk about breaking your own fucking point.
  • Пн, 09:06: one follower away from 50 followers on my dave strider twitter how did this happen how is there so many
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  • Чт, 21:48: i went to doctor perfectly healthy, got super sick an hour after leaving. WAIT, HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!
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Nov. 24th, 2011 12:14 pm
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  • Thu, 00:00: holy shit i couldn't get online for 24 hours and now my email is bursting and twitter makes no sense anymore

My tweets

Nov. 23rd, 2011 12:25 pm
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  • Tue, 14:35: This new gmail look is so anti-blind I don't know how I can use it after they switch it. I really hope people make an override script
  • Tue, 14:36: This isn't even a "this looks ugly". It's a "I have no idea what the hell is on my screen because it is literally illegible."
  • Tue, 14:38: They claim they impact tested this with "a wide section of users and repeatedly revised it to fit wants and needs."
  • Tue, 14:38: Okay, considering everyone hates it, who were these people?
  • Tue, 14:41: Oh, okay. There's an option to make it display better for larger monitors. Here's the problem: IT DOESN'T WORK WHEN YOU HIT THE BUTTON
  • Tue, 14:50: Aaahaha, you have to give them points for unsubtlety.I typed 'disable gmail new look' into google&it told me I spelled it wrong&meant enable
  • Tue, 16:00: apparently my aunt died yesterday and i never got to see her before she did and now i never will.
  • Wed, 00:24: OK the huge silence wasnt me ignoring anyone i'm sorry :C it was OMG my oven burned me b/c i totally didnt need unblistered skin or anything
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  • Пн, 16:15: RT @auspiced: I have absolutely no idea what is going on in these brand new Bro pages, but at least my confusion must be ironic.
  • Пн, 16:17: i have basically no idea what happened to anyone anywhere for the past 36 hours. Sorry for disappearing dudes, IRL shitstorm.
  • Пн, 16:17: I hope nothing too big happened while I was gone ;.;
  • Пн, 16:21: every time betty crocker shows up on my twitter feed i get mad why did i even friend her wtf
  • Пн, 16:26: RT @cogsnotfrogs: @mirthcomesfirst you realize when we sy stuff like that everyone else wants to take us to pasture and shoot us out of ...
  • Пн, 17:00: RT @auspiced: I feel this updates incomprehensible due to the fact we had already developed expectations for Bro's personality. Hussie s ...
  • Вт, 00:57: Guys! I need help quick! I need love songs but fast. Anyone know any? There is no criteria except 'love song'. And I only need the name.
  • Вт, 00:58: GuDon't care the tone or the meaning or the style or anything like that, just the title. Please and thank you.
  • Вт, 04:00: RT @yodaism: @nomnombrainz Help you I can.
  • Вт, 04:01: ok with the new homestuck update i have completely lost any ability to be able to deal with bro's pages. i. i mean. just. look at it. oh god
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  • Сб, 21:25: RT @auspiced: WTF @nomnombrainz - Away msgs w/Homestuck lines are fun but "you have got to stop kissing this stupid poster." is less fun ...
  • Сб, 21:45: i am completly ignoring hockey until the playoffs because otherwise it's possible to go nuts argh
  • Сб, 22:34: i am a bit concerned that stuff like betty crocker keeps updating my timeline while omitting homestuck twitters that are OBVIOUSLY updating
  • Сб, 22:44: twitter i am going to punch your face unless you start working right
  • Сб, 23:13: RT @bethedrunk: the glass isnt half empty or half full its gone by noon
  • Сб, 23:24: Man, screw this. Everyone is updating and my twitter feed is showing nothing. Do any of the apps work a little better?
  • Вс, 03:47: Install tweetdeck, find a bunch of DMs twitter never told me I got months ago. Uhh...
  • Вс, 03:59: oh god if tweetdeck is the simplest what are the others like this is making my brain cry i don't understand it at all
  • Вс, 04:16: RT @cogsnotfrogs: theres rebels all over time+space rite so can i make a group righteously against puppets our motto's less puppet dicks ...
  • Вс, 04:57: For someone who's blind is there something that's easier to look at than Tweetdeck?
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  • Пт, 13:47: Oh my god guys, I'm freaking out over some IRL shitstorm. I NEED CUTE PICTURES INFUSION PLEASE anyone have any...
  • Пт, 13:47: gifs animals fanart whatever as long as it's cute, thank you :(
  • Пт, 13:58: Every time I watch Kids In The Hall I wonder how they got *that* good at crossdressing. (And at being awesome, but.)
  • Пт, 14:03: "Words that rhyme with fade: fade" somehow I feel this dictionary is missing the point
  • Пт, 18:55: RT @auspiced: How is there a Dave+Jade+Karkat rap-off combo on my screen and what choices did I make to come to rping this?
  • Пт, 19:25: RT @andrewhussie: oh snap RT @Aoikoi @andrewhussie look at what i found in my kitchen http://t ...
  • Пт, 19:58: Okay, when the MSPaint Adventures wiki doesn't put Dave and John on each other's significant relations box, wtf is their criteria?
  • Пт, 19:58: there's some funny business going on there that is completely not right
  • Пт, 20:02: I know wikis can be off (the soul eater one claims outright that kid and soul don't know each other) but this one is usually good to me :(
  • Пт, 20:31: RT @melodic_cool: Uhhh this show I'm watching? It just had a moment of a repeated event ending with IT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING prob a coinc ...
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  • Чт, 12:52: RT @WomansWisdom: Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the ...
  • Чт, 21:53: @melodic_cool okay just so you know, I am loving how bad Kim is at typing/spelling. low why does this feel so IC?
  • Чт, 22:10: RT @StriderStyle: things that need to stop...........smuppet worship
  • Чт, 22:10: I'm hitting 'like' on so many things lately, I feel like I'm probably spamming people with all my love.
  • Чт, 22:16: OH HEY BY THE WAY GUYS I now have official confirmation of lyme remission.
  • Чт, 22:18: It's been said+queried a lot but the real test is getting put on antibiotics for something else and not herxing. Which is me right now.
  • Пт, 00:47: RT @auspiced: What is my sister DOING to me and how do I make her stop winning it? Who invented rap-offs anyway.
  • Пт, 01:49: "big fat dumb stupid person who capslocks more than harry potter" holy shit this is an amazing description for karkat
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  • Ср, 15:33: They're making a live action Ranma movie?!!!??
  • Ср, 15:44: poster in question. I have no idea if this is a hoax or real, but I also can't read japanese.
  • Ср, 15:47: Day two of lamictal raise. Still manic but less prone to getting pissed, that's a plus. But the dizziness/hot feeling when standing sucks.
  • Ср, 15:53: RT @TropicalDepEmmy: it's funny because sandusky was released on unsecured bail while #ows protestors are held for days, and by funny i ...
  • Ср, 15:57: Delivered my Dell onto the Fedex man. Turns out the problem is because the monitor is leaking fluid. This.. is a new type of break to me.
  • Ср, 15:58: They're probably just replacing it cuz they're like "uh there's no way that can happen this soon without it being our fault."
  • Ср, 16:30: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Flamegrill (186), Kanye West (150) & Train (103) #lastfm
  • Ср, 18:12: RT @DesignByIKEA: For every soft toy you purchase, we donate $1.35 to educate children around the world - check it out! ...
  • Ср, 18:16: RT @WomansWisdom: He who hesitates is a damned fool. Mae West
  • Ср, 18:43: AIM, if you were a person, I'd slap you across the damn face.
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My tweets

Nov. 16th, 2011 12:06 pm
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  • Tue, 12:37: first day of psych meds raise lets see how this goes
  • Tue, 12:45: My feelings on this app are completely ridiculous
  • Tue, 12:46: RT @StriderStyle: irony is my kingdom it all belongs to me i monopolize that shit like east india co tea
  • Tue, 12:47: RT @tinybuddha: "Life is not the pursuit of happiness. It's the happiness in your pursuits." ~ @ac_awesome from
  • Tue, 13:08: "Insomniacs don't have problems sleeping, they have problems living."
  • Tue, 13:21: yeah it looks like this dose range is gonna make me useless for a few days totally sorry in advance
  • Tue, 13:24: funniest10k: yeah man lets do this shit
  • Tue, 21:23: If you sent me a message today and I didn't reply, sorry about that. Resend it if you need/want to! I will reply.
  • Tue, 21:24: My computer's monitor broke and the heatsink is broke and hahaha how old is this fucking thing again?
  • Tue, 21:27: Dell's fixing it. stuck on the netbook again. it hates AIM, but I'm going to try. It loads pesterChum at least but nobody here uses that. :(
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  • Пн, 19:13: omg my new psych is awesome
  • Пн, 19:45: What confuses me is my new psych doesn't think I have bipolar. He thinks I have symptoms of it because people tell me I have it.
  • Пн, 22:59: RT @StriderStyle: ((...just realized one of my Dave tweets about buckets being alien porn got RTed by some extraterrestrial-obsessed twi ...
  • Вт, 00:32: dave app fucking submit oh yes
  • Вт, 00:33: i respect you and everything your eyes stand for as they witness something epic
  • Вт, 09:56: I like how my internet cut out last night right after I made a joke about my Dave app that makes me look bad. Clarity is key, okay.
  • Вт, 09:57: NO I did not design it like he would. It would look pretty different if I did. But I *was* following a more specific philosophy to fit canon
  • Вт, 10:01: Just saying b/c even if almost nobody on here has a reason to care, a couple people do. I dont want those people to think Im a bad player :/
  • Вт, 10:34: thank god the new homestuck update clarified something as NOT TRUE that was making me super sad at the idea of it being true

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Nov. 14th, 2011 12:21 pm
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  • Sun, 14:39: I just found my lost League of Extraordinary Gentleman dvd. Guess what I'm watching tonight?
  • Sun, 14:59: LJ spellcheck just told me that 'friend' is not a word and I ought to write it as 'Eridan'. I. Um. What?
  • Mon, 00:49: RT @7ShadesOStephen: @turntechChromat Jake is the Masked Man, Mother fandom wins.
  • Mon, 01:09: accidentally stumbled on a picture of a penis dressed as a bee for halloween
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I'm moving LJs later today.

Because, uh. I've wanted to change my username for like over a year now, but never had a rename token. so i basically never post because i don't want this username anymore.


Well, fine.

Screw that, i'll just make a new lj then!

Anyway, I'll link the darn thing once it has a layout/profile/etc, I just wanted to give a heads up so that people aren't confused at a random new account friending them.
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My tweets

Nov. 12th, 2011 12:04 pm
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