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kamehamepwned 5:58 am
(5:58:52 AM):     Is it wrong that the fact they got married because Denny has alzheimer's makes me go " is he going to forget he's straight and only married to protect his money someday? WILL HE BECOME GAY BY FORGETFULNESS?!"

(6:00:34 AM):     Alan's gotta have it for him or something though, because when Denny was all I AM MARRYING THIS WOMAN I MET and then left, they did a super significant pan away slowly at the end of the ep with Alan looking like someone dropped an acme roadrunner brick on him.

PowerPufPrin8 6:01 am
(6:01:15 AM):     XDD
(6:01:18 AM):     I agree
(6:02:23 AM):     The way they played with the gay between them makes me wonder just how many fanfictions there are. Because I am tempted to read them, even though a part of my mind says "NO!" to old men gay sex (it's probably Bill).
kamehamepwned 6:02 am
(6:02:23 AM):     Alan is so creepy though. "He told me he has dreams about me. In one, I was just a head. A head he carried around and kept him company. And occasionally I would whisper dirty things into his ear."
(6:02:38 AM):     And dude, the only boston legal fanfic is slash about them, pretty much.
(6:02:46 AM):     Like, I am not exagerating at all.

PowerPufPrin8 6:02 am
(6:02:55 AM):     Figures, XD

kamehamepwned 6:03 am
(6:03:21 AM):     If I ever wrote it, it would go like this

(6:04:14 AM):     

Alan: You know that I'm imagining you're really a hot cuban chick with a pineapple bra, right?
Denny: Same here, except my fantasy is far too brazen to bother with hiding her goodies.


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