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re: red robin #15 )

I am going to save up money to commission someone to draw me that because THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. also i need to go dig up the relevant pages of nightwing, brb

and the train thing. but i'm going to bully patrick into drawing me the train thing (or cass).

:D :D :D

i am so tired because i stayed up all night reading comics? i was going to quit for the night but then kon showed up. then i was going to quit but tam and tim (their names need more differences) make me laugh. then i was going to quit but it was awesome. then i was going to quit but i wanted to see what what tim's plan was. then i nearly stayed up reading legion of three worlds, i can't remember why i didn't. i don't even remember going to sleep. hhaapfft.
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I spent some of yesterday educating Aura about the OMAC stuff and everything that led to Bruce's death. I found I know a lot more about some of the years I didn't read comics than I thought (basically: everything until 52, then 52 is there but fuzzy).

And I found that while all this stuff made me quit reading at the time, summarized in retrospect it's all actually good additions and makes a lot of things make more sense that needed to make more sense.

So I guess that proves one theory. Every comic story is a good one, if you spin it right - but every comic story is a bad one, if you spin it wrong. They spun it all wrong but in the end it came out right.

That's kinda cool. And I have to wonder exactly how many other 'classic' stories are exactly the same way.
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Or rather, specifically, I want to read Bat-family comics before Bruce comes back and ruins the current awesome dynamic like I know he will. :|

So, uh, which and how many series do I have to pick up for this? I HAVEN'T LOOKED AT DC COMICS IN THREE YEARS, BE GENTLE WITH ME

(Oh god why has it been that long since I read a comic book. I am so ashamed of myself now.)


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