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Someday I will not have a bunch of medical tests that completely get in the way of me successfully apping Modern Age. Except at this point I'm super embarrassed to try again since I've let them down so many times. :( I may just write an app BEFORE reserving, Lord.

In the meantime I need to go through my Milliways cast so I don't have so many characters I don't use :| I promised two apps next month and I don't think I have the space sob

which i think is the problem of almost everyone i know

i'm going to gain a character who is completely normal with completely normal problems and a completely normal life (now). HOW DOES ONE PORTRAY THAT.

we're getting like, multiple characters in the bar next month that manage to have completely normal lives in the middle of insanity. perhaps they ought to form a club.

anyway i'm not religiously allowed to work today so i'm going to sleep all day. it's nice to have an excuse for taking a break my brain will actually allow.

also i think my knee might be infected... :(
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re: red robin #15 )

I am going to save up money to commission someone to draw me that because THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. also i need to go dig up the relevant pages of nightwing, brb

and the train thing. but i'm going to bully patrick into drawing me the train thing (or cass).

:D :D :D

i am so tired because i stayed up all night reading comics? i was going to quit for the night but then kon showed up. then i was going to quit but tam and tim (their names need more differences) make me laugh. then i was going to quit but it was awesome. then i was going to quit but i wanted to see what what tim's plan was. then i nearly stayed up reading legion of three worlds, i can't remember why i didn't. i don't even remember going to sleep. hhaapfft.


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