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Someday I will not have a bunch of medical tests that completely get in the way of me successfully apping Modern Age. Except at this point I'm super embarrassed to try again since I've let them down so many times. :( I may just write an app BEFORE reserving, Lord.

In the meantime I need to go through my Milliways cast so I don't have so many characters I don't use :| I promised two apps next month and I don't think I have the space sob

which i think is the problem of almost everyone i know

i'm going to gain a character who is completely normal with completely normal problems and a completely normal life (now). HOW DOES ONE PORTRAY THAT.

we're getting like, multiple characters in the bar next month that manage to have completely normal lives in the middle of insanity. perhaps they ought to form a club.

anyway i'm not religiously allowed to work today so i'm going to sleep all day. it's nice to have an excuse for taking a break my brain will actually allow.

also i think my knee might be infected... :(
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I spent some of yesterday educating Aura about the OMAC stuff and everything that led to Bruce's death. I found I know a lot more about some of the years I didn't read comics than I thought (basically: everything until 52, then 52 is there but fuzzy).

And I found that while all this stuff made me quit reading at the time, summarized in retrospect it's all actually good additions and makes a lot of things make more sense that needed to make more sense.

So I guess that proves one theory. Every comic story is a good one, if you spin it right - but every comic story is a bad one, if you spin it wrong. They spun it all wrong but in the end it came out right.

That's kinda cool. And I have to wonder exactly how many other 'classic' stories are exactly the same way.
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Or rather, specifically, I want to read Bat-family comics before Bruce comes back and ruins the current awesome dynamic like I know he will. :|

So, uh, which and how many series do I have to pick up for this? I HAVEN'T LOOKED AT DC COMICS IN THREE YEARS, BE GENTLE WITH ME

(Oh god why has it been that long since I read a comic book. I am so ashamed of myself now.)


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