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GO READ GOODBYE CHAINS IF YOU'RE NOT. I mean, I assume you are already, because you are all well informed people with good taste. But just in case you're not reading it, quench your good taste with more awesome. What's that in the distance, even? Oh, it seems to be a handy download for the entire first arc!

I've been following this comic since it was a tiny little idea sitting on Hunt's personal journal, the tiny little spark in her eye kept on super-secret lock. I've never stopped following it since and I can't say that for any other comic. I have ADHD, I move back and forth frequently. This is the one, singular thing that has never let me go (and I cannot even say that about Gorillaz).

I honestly believe this is the most well written comic on the internet. This opinion isn't based in story or character likability, though both of those also earn an A+. This opinion is based on the fact that the authors are meticulous past the point of meticulous, and will redo the smallest things to be historically accurate if it's caught. But usually they don't slip up. They accommodate the readers in all the best and worst ways, because they're comic fans too. And because you can tell they are genuinely fans of what they're writing as well.

You can tell when a writer or artist or a duo has a deep passion for the story. You can tell here from page one. You can tell from their stories about how this is made. You can tell by the fact they so obviously judge each page with one rule of thumb: "if I don't enjoy this page, nobody else will, either".

Despite team shuffling along the years, if you read the archives, they still flow smoothly together. Most comics suffer when someone else comes in to work on it. Not so here. And things that existed years ago are being expanded on now, establishing a readership trust that yes, we will actually find out what we want to know, as long as we're patient.

I'm willing to be patient, because it's worth it. And I think you should discover why it's worth it, too.

PS: For an added bonus, you can never go wrong with pointed dogs.


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