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Why is the fact I prefer to be dedicated to one fandom on my personal journal at a time such an offense to so many people? I'm hardly the first or last person to do such a thing.

I have only one response to anyone who has a problem in the future, and it's the one I should have been giving all along.

I blog about what I want, and you read what you want. If you don't want to read what I say, then stop.

And that's all there is to it.

The value of friendship should not be ever counted by the number of friends one has on their info page. If you defriend me, I take no offense. Why? Because defriending me on livejournal isn't defriending me. Many people don't read my journal by choice and yet have done some of the greatest things for me anyone has ever done. I don't consider them less close just because of viewership.

The amount of care someone has is not the same as how many comments they leave. Sometimes, it's easier to say it in private. Sometimes, you can't say anything, but you're still listening. It's just harder to communicate that you're listening through a journal service.

These things, they don't equal out. So when did we, or I, start taking them as the same value?

I'm exhausted by it, and it's something I'm personally going to stop subconsciously putting an equal equation on. It's far better for my sanity. Maybe for everyone else's, too.


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