Jun. 5th, 2010

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My urologist prescribed me a med. The insurance said "That's second line treatment, prescribed after the first line treatment doesn't work. No." So she prescribed me another. It went through today, and I just took it.

"Common adverse effects associated with oxybutynin and other anticholinergics include: dry mouth, difficulty in urination, constipation, blurred vision, drowsiness and dizziness.[8] Anticholinergics have also been known to induce delirium.[9] These are dose-related and sometimes severe; in one population studied, after six months more than half of the patients had stopped taking the medication due to side effects and calcium defects. An intake of calcium of 800 to 1000 mg is suggested.[citation needed] Dry mouth may be particularly severe; one estimate is that over a quarter of patients who begin oxybutynin treatment may have to stop because of dry mouth."

.....who wants to bet I end up on the second line treatment.
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Oh my god you guys. My medication schedule now.

Lamictal 50mg
Lyrica 100mg
Flonase 1/1 sprays*
Reglan 2.5mg
Albuterol 1 puff
Klonopin .5mg
Flexeril 2.5mg
Prilosec 25mg
Propanolol 40mg
Hyoscyamine (non SUB) 0.125 x 3
Wellbutrin XL 450mg

Lamictal 50mg
Prilosec 50mg

Lamictal 100mg
Ditropan XL 10mg
Zyrtec 10mg
Lyrica 100mg
Flonase 1/1 sprays*
Reglan 2 .5mg
Albuterol 1 puff
Klonopin 1.5mg
Flexeril 2.5mg
Prilosec 25mg
Propanolol 40mg
Hyoscyamine (non SUB) 0.125 x 3
Tri-previfem one pill

Antivert 25mg up to twice daily
Zofran 4mg 1-2 every 4 to 6 hours as needed
Baclofen 10mg once daily
Maxalt up to three times daily
Midrin up to 5 tablets daily 10 tablets per week
Klonopin .5 - 1mg
Toradol IM 30mg up to 60mg per week
Hyoscyamine SUB 0.125mg 1-2 tabs dissolve every 4-6 hours as needed
see boxes for 2 prescribed cream instructions
Peridium 200mg one tablet every eight hours as needed

*Only on Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Is it just me or am I on far too many medications here?
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Well, that new med made me sleep in until 4:48 and still be sedated when I woke up.

Let's hope that affect goes away, though I have a feeling it won't. But since I'm getting either BuSpar or Adderall soon, that'll contradict the effect, I guess?

(And cause more interactions, hahahaha - ...no, not funny...)
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New Criteria Proposed For Diagnosing Fibromyalgia Suggests No Longer Focusing On Tender Points

Okay, um. This really makes me hesitate because they're studying a disorder that they have no name for yet, but they know it exists. I'm diagnosed with it and I wouldn't be surprised if someone else said they were, too. It's a disorder of the body that can include irrital bowel syndrome, painful bladder/interstitial cystitis, gastrointestinal reflux disorder, fibromyalgia, any of the neuralgias, chronic fatigue/it's variants, any of the chronic headache disorders and some other ones. If you've got three or more, medical guidelines say to send the patient to a neurologist to find if you've got that disorder.

But with this, 'no pre-existing pain condition', are people with that disorder not going to get their fibro diagnosis?

But on the other hand, it may be a good thing because it seems like they label everything they don't know what to say about as fibro lately, and that's really not good medical practice. Especially considering the amount of times tick disorders get called fibro and brushed off (rather than saying fibro co-exists) just because they don't want to say there's a tick disorder, oy.

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 Dude. We had a tornado warning because there were two powerful thunderstorms. Then the thunderstorms collided and turned into one huge scary thunderstorm. Then the tornado warning stopped because it passed over and then the thunderstorm TURNED AROUND AND HEADED BACK WTF. Now we've got flooding, brownouts and the ground's shaking. Oh, and here more rain comes!

I guess I won't have to water my garden for a long while after this. :P

Yes, yes I did just update my journal before running for proper shelter. What the hell is wrong with me?


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