Jun. 8th, 2010

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artvegrearfdghtfnrsebt finall y watched the el manana music video after avoiding it for six years or whatever

damn that was like, the best thing i;'ve seen jamie animate okay

my typo s are probably indicateive of the EMOTIONAL state it gave me, haha, but wow

then watched the animatic for on melancholy hill which comes out JUNE 15 DOESN'T IT day after my birthday AND the day i have to go to get my psych med checkup, an upper for the day after a downer! or i'm wrong and it comes out later. something.

that thing is going to be the same or better, it really is

(unrelatedly i really would like to hear the explanation for 2D + living in beirut, supposedly they gave one, never heard the interview. WHAT IS THAT WHAT IS GOING ON OKAY.)

typical animation uses 12-15 frames per second. high end work uses 25-30. 'high end' being you really, really want it smooth, seamless, moving completely realistically. the reason that cartoons can have a lower framerate than video is because our optical processes fill in the blanks for us. it's our brains making it animate, not the animation itself. i would say the regular parts of that video used 15, but if anyone tries to tell me the parts that directly focused on noodle used less than 25 i'll call bullshit.

yeah, little known fact about me, i am a trained animator by a prestigious school, and have been for years. why haven't i put this training to work? i'm labeled as a 'new media artist'. new media is where you're trained to attempt to operate as a polymath of the entertainment and design fields and their various outputs. the problem is, nobody wants that. the term exists and the schools think it's the hot new thing to teach, but it started coming into prosperity in 2003, at which point it was ten years too early. the only successful one i can think of is, relatedly, jamie hewlett and those he employs at ZFE, because he said 'fuck you' and flipped the bird to anyone who said a multi-talented artist can't make it.

please list some for me, guys. i need to know they're out there. :(
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Is anyone really, really good at proof-checking resumes and cover letters or just has the free time to read some over and pass them back quick? I'm not going into why, yet, but I need to finish a cover letter and a resume by tomorrow night. I also need to build my resume from scratch, which is grand, hopefully I can get that done too.

(Cross your fingers, guys, even though you don't know what you're doing it for, yet. Please? :D)

I also need help in whether or not british standards for these things are different or the same.
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If It Was My Home - Visualizing the BP Oil Spill


I like how it stops just this short of London, Ontario. Nobody wants to go to London, not even a figurative oil spill.

But that map only takes into account square footage. If it had happened here, it would be much worse than that generator anticipates. We're surrounded by the Great Lakes  We have 35,000 islands in these things. We have dry weather, artic weather and tropical weather. We've got Manitoulin Island up in Ontario, which is something significant in itself. Ontario-Michigan's set of lakes feed into Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Now think about those states and where their waterways connect to. We also feed into the Atlantic Ocean. I'm unsure of what Ontario feeds into, though.

"The Great Lakes contain roughly 22% of the world’s fresh surface water: 5,472 cubic miles (22,810 km3), or 6.0×1015 U.S. gallons (2.3×1016 liters). This is enough water to cover the 48 contiguous U.S. states to a uniform depth of 9.5 feet (2.9 m)."

Then there's the Lake Effect. We strengthen tornado weather, hurricanes and other such things!

There is no gas or oil drilling allowed in the Great Lakes because of all these things. However. However. It was allowed once and the lines are still there. Not only are the lines still there, but they're weakening. An oil spill or gas leak in Michigan is a real threat. This has a very good chance of happening, depending on how many funds are being dedicated at any time to maintaining lines that nobody uses. In addition to this? Yes, we've had leaks. We've had several. I'm not even going to go into the long road of information that is Lake Erie.

If a disaster like this BP oil spill was to occur in any of our lines or if the oil spill makes it over here and erodes our already compromised lines open, the States would be screwed almost immediately, because the oil would spread inland, and fast. Ontario would be screwed. Living in Michigan right now is like living inside a bomb that has a chain of other bomb detonations coming closer to it.

The BP spill frightens me already for what it means and what it's doing to the planet. But the facts of what's around me are frightening, too. If this oil spill goes on much longer, it's only a matter of time before the oil gets over here.

And what happens then?
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I think I just fangasmed as many times as there are seconds in this ident.

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Of course that is one of the first things I saw when trying to explain what BJDs are to Patrick. Nyaaargh.

Someday I will have the money to afford a non-scary one. Someday I'll be riding a unipegkit, too. Hah. I wonder if my bills will take pocket lint?

EDIT: OMFG, is that doll supposed to look pregnant?


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