Jun. 15th, 2010

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On Melancholy Hill is now available to everyone.

Also, they're charging .99 for it. Lolz why were we all kicking up a fuss about pocket change, geeze.

(54 megabytes, dude, what is in this thing?)
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Oh hell yes.

I would call that experiment of blending 2D, CGI and live-action (because yes, a few of those shots were quite definitely live-action) succeeded primo elegante. Any censorship worries that came up out of the private viewing need not be.

That's all I'm saying. I'll let people spend their .99c before I chime in on this little baby for real. But I do have quite a few thoughts about it.

For now, however, I will just enjoy the pretty.
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CSTS did one good and got me in today despite my psych having to not come in because of an emergency.

Seroquel XR 150mg added. We'll see what this does.
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Accidentally fell asleep without my sleep mask, which was a fun wake-up. I can't believe I spent my whole life undiagnosed or untreated for sleep apnea, it's ghastly now that I know what it is.

First dose of Serequel XR taken. LET'S SEE HOW THIS GOES. They're like 'be careful, it makes you hungrier, you could stand to gain 5-10 pounds/would be okay, but no more than that'. yeah, my reglan makes it (side effect, not intended) so my brain never receives signals when I'm hungry, so if this reverses that a little, that would be awesome.

first time i've heard that about my weight, other people must see myself differently than i do. buuut that's common with eating disorders. i feel happy with someone having said it, hee. and apparently it's kind of rare for welbutrin to have dropped as much as it did this quickly, apparently 50% of the work has been me. nobody told me that, either.

which means that i've been eating and exercising well enough to help assist losing 61 pounds, i am proud of myself. yay!
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Three hours,tey said. Tjhreee hours.

beforeit kicksin. putsy puts o you in a stupor

this is me, having forgotten my crazy jmetaabolism when it comes to medications. one hour or less to kick in.

oh, lol.


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