Jun. 29th, 2010

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I am really enjoying the show Modern Family. I expected it to be really dumb, but it's actually pretty awesome. The trivia that the kid playing Luke (ten year old who's stereotyped as dumb) is actually so smart he's a member of MENSA already kind of freaks me out, though. Guess Battle School swooped in too late for that one.

...except I'm watching it right now and I am so creeped out because Alex (one of the sisters) thought she heard Luke masturbating and walked away smiling. She did it because she thought he'd get in trouble, but ewww. Just, ewwwwwww.

Okay, though, if any of the rest of you are watching this, do you feel like swooping in and saving Cam and Lily from a life of abuse with Mitchell? That's really how it comes across to me. :|

Man, I am feeling so much better, even 12 hours off of the damn Ditropan. I can think and I can followup on stuff better. Seroquel calmed down my ADHD for the now but the Ditropan was making me too tired to follow up on long term plans. Any of them. I apologize to everyone for that, but at least they finally figured out what it was. Another day or two of sleeping it out of my system and I should be pretty good.

But now I have to figure out the best but cheapest way to build up my calcium. The recommended intake is 800-1000mg while on it, and it had me so mentally off I only comprehended this now. I was on it for 24 days, so I'm guessing part of my problem is a pretty bad calcium deficit. I know I need Keratin like whoa, but that's been for awhile. I need to figure out a cheap way to build up both of these quickly, does anyone have any ideas?

Tomorrow's going to be looong. I have to go to CSTS at 9:30 and try to finagle getting into the DBT group tomorrow, or at least told when I have group and personal therapy. Also need to try to get an early refill on my Seroquel XL because otherwise I'm going to run out like, this week, and my appointment with the psychiatrist is on July 13.

Then I go to the ENT and get my hearing tests and a final decision on whether I get a hearing aid or a hearing aid and ear surgery. They want to make sure before doing it whether it's necessary, but if my tests read like they did last time, I've got a condition in one of my ears where a bone that's supposed to be soft is hard. It's soft because it hits the eardrum as part of the workings of the ear. So if this is what's going on, every day that bone is in there, I'm losing part of my hearing. Hopefully they're wrong (they say it's 50/50) and I just need a hearing aid.

I'm twitchy about this since I already have one surgery on July 23 and then another one within the next few months. I would like to avoid a third, please?

I am also now a size 10 in shirts and a size 16/18 in pants. Two months ago I was a size 14 in shirts and a size 24 in pants. This is both awesome and 'what, am I meant to bear five hundred children?'. :P


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