Jul. 10th, 2010

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So, Lou, sounding a little drunk there, are you?

does anyone know where the official accompaniment to this song is because supposedly there is one and i can't find it :(

my sister set up her roku box to take my youtube into it so i'm watching music videos far and wide on the tv. gotta say that superfast jellyfish is even more 'who showered me with cocaine' when on a tv screen, gah.

i have to call sports medicine on monday. i need another cortosteroid/lidocaine/whatever else shot in my knee. gotta say those shots wear off quick. i went from awesome to LOL HOW DARE YOU TRY TO USE YOUR KNEEEEE

wtf, man, come on.

at least it lasted a year-ish before this?

melancoly hill on my teeveeeee it's so much more awesome I DIDN'T THINK IT COULD GET MORE AWESOME


when i go to umich i will use my secret powers, their anime club defaults to showing gorillaz music videos or old old really girly anime if they ever have technical difficulties and during dinner break.

if i get to join the club i will make them project melancholy hill completely for my own benefit. usually they use clint eastwood buuut. come on. theatre screen size MH?  fuck yeah

hope i can find a really cheap-ass knee brace tomorrow. as it is i'm stuck on crutch until i see my sports med doctor. because i needed another ailment acting up, right? i'm actually worried about it because i have arthritic lyme and that eats away at your joints... maybe i can use the ditropan as an excuse to get bone density tests, they're really needed at this point.

kinda wish i hadn't seen that article because it made me aware of what was going on. pain tolerance ahoy. :x

starting to plan my october in that i have no idea how it will go. it'll be fun, that's how it will go!

anyone got news on this snoop dogg performing a new clint eastwood thing? i'm not looking at gorillaz_news until i have my power plug, pfft.

using the power plug issue to work on a lot of milliways ooms. kaworu is kind of stalking asuka for fun, it makes me laugh. really, there's nothing else he can do, since they're both stuck on the monorail from end of eva. all we need is shinji standing in a corner, staring at the floor, and it'll be completely brill :P
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I've found a couple Glastonbury clips from the MTV stream on youtube, amazing quality. I'm assuming MTVWorld took it down (and if they didn't, does anyone know a proxy server I can use? In the States, I can't view MTVWorld). I also found a really poor couple which said the Clint Eastwood was Snoop Dogg ft. Gorillaz XD Isn't it the other way around, guys? Anyway, I'll either finish hunting down clips (which I don't like because the clipping is up to the uploader, not the viewer) or see if I can get the full stream somewhere. If I do, I'll give up my annoyance at fandom and upload the whole thing cut and uncut. There are a few people who go out of their way to thank me and ask me if I could take the time for more but it's okay if I can't. Apparently youtube has the power to be the most polite place ever. So I'm going to consider this uploading for those guys, not the ones who are annoyances. :/

I have no idea what the fuck Snoop Dogg is rolling out because it's poor quality, but that may be because I spent the entire thing alternatively trying to puzzle out what the fuck he was wearing or wanting to stick a fez on him so his apparent cosplay of Russ would be complete. :P The whole thing was kind of weird, what with Damon brandishing his melodica in the air like it was a rifle and waving it around, and any sight of the thing (whether or not it was being played) sent the crowd into hysterics. Shit, dude, the melodica is getting respect now? ;.; I AM FINALLY NOT CONSIDERED A LAZY MUSICIAN PLAYING A BASTARD CHILD FOR IT BEING MY SPECIALITY SINCE I WAS 10? Aaaaaah omg.

Also at one point Jamie got in Snoop's face so close I'm sure his mic was on Snoop's nose, which, lol wtf?

seriously snoop wtf are you wearing ok are you going to make me have to tweet you asking why, why, why

Damon seems to have shed his usual concert gear (LOL NAAAKEEED) from the jeans and red shirt to a leather jacket, black shirt and black pants of some material. Also he looks like he stole Shaun Ryder's glasses. If he did, I approve of this measure.

---- why is gorillaz_news so quiet, wtffff?

Feel Good, INC, I am not sure what he's singing but it is not the concert or album version at all. I think it's Noodle's Demo cut down for time (which is very fitting) but I can't say for sure without a lyrics sheet, of which nobody has made. I'm making my own later. If so, it makes complete sense, the timing could not be more appropriate.

I like how the MC'ing is being handled this year, I hope that once they involve the fictional band members they'll put catchcalls back in. Considering the fact they had so little dates in the Demon Day tour because an MC fucked up so badly (basically, this guy verbally abused the audience and the band and it got bad enough that the concert hall refused to pay them and the rest of the tour canceled out. That's a huge reason of why we had Demon Detour instead), even this makes me happy. It's just a sort of general catch-all, anyone on stage can step in. It's very disorganized appearing but I'm sure Damon and Jamie have it meticulously planned out, because they never do things anyway else (even if they crash and burn in the process).

Guys. Guys. I got a tentative number for my music stipend from school. $3500 is the estimation. I need to plan what to do with this, both instrument and concert-wise. Anyone willing to help, please? :D I'm seeing Gorillaz at leat once in the States and in Mexico if I can manage it. I'll have a clarinet and melodica by then, so they don't figure in. Hrm...

More Glastonbury thoughts as I get ahold of the videos. Right now, all I know is that it needs to be October right now. crossposted from dreamwidth
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oh fuck yes

i've got some video cutting to do, whee.
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Oh my god I think I got infected with cat scratch fever again. Oh my god if I did I am going to be so pissed off. This shit hospitalized me last year, it doesn't need to retransmit when it's still in there!

Especially when I'm two months away from starting school okay fuck
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I am always surprised when people are surprised I'll help them with html code. People are always surprised in general, I think, at someone who is put in a zen state, the same as meditation, by coding.

I love coding and I love all the new things I've been discovering lately. I'm working on various projects due to people right now but I'm working on my journal at the moment because it's the 'example journal' and I can't get anything I need for anyone else's until I can run this computer for more than 30 minutes at a time. Which makes me mad because I want to put down the ideas I have, I've got rough drafts of headers for everyone in my head (though [livejournal.com profile] mizzmarvel 's takes jurisdiction) and just want to see them out there. I'm having the most fun with Stella's because it lets me indulge Cyborg awesome and I'm seeing if I can play it off of how another of her favourite characters was always represented.  I am fully confident in saying this will all be pretty cool. I have no doubts about the fact I will like what I crank out. I can't say anything for everyone else yet, but any modification processes will go easily. 

At the very least, I'm already in love with mine and know it will help sell me. I love when I can be fully confident in that. An ex-girlfriend used to insist on making sure I knew beyond a doubt that having self confidence and love for your work was abhorrent. Well, I've gotten away from that now and I think that sort of opinion is abhorrent. I'm a freelancer and I'm proud of it. I'm in contact with a couple companies to play intern and if one of them pans out that'll be awesome. There's one, specific one I hope will pan out but the ball's in their court as to whether they respond to my inquiry letter or not. If you think for five minutes about people I respect and know it's a company I've been dreaming about working for since March (and before that, 2004-2005), you can probably guess which one it is. XD Cross your fingers, guys? Please? Fingers, prayers, whatever - in a way I need something like this in my life right now.

I'm also working on finishing[livejournal.com profile] nabari_no_ou's banner contest layout and found out it needs a paid account for me to be able to finish it. Oh shiz. :|

I found out how to do a few CSS overrides on LJ's profile pages and I'm like OH SHIT AWESOME THOSE ELEMENTS WON'T BE BUTT-UGLY ANYMORE. Omg wtf why am I such a dorkass . XD

My next layout does NOT have Noodle as a main focal point, who saw that one coming? (Seriously, did anyone see that coming? It's actually weirding a couple people out. Am I that, um, Noodle oriented? Now I want to know...)
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Jury's out on a very dumb question but nobody here can figure it out so I've decided the question goes to you guys.

Is the moving carpet of their half-dead bodies real or CGI?!

(Also discovered while getting that link, the commentary is on the Demo version, not the regular one? Huh, weird.)

I think they're real but since I didn't even notice they were there until today (which would be my tenth or so viewing, yep), my vote is automatically counted out, apparently.



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