Jul. 11th, 2010

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So, um, is there another place to get this stuff or is that the best place, because while I can eventually lay down that price for something that's going to give me portfolio pieces to apply for jobs, I'd kind of like to spend as little as possible while still having quality because I'm going to need two of that size eventually. Ow?
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The fuck did I just watch? It makes me feel like I just watched something really surreal but there's no reason for it to be surreal at all. Maybe because it's audio I last heard when I was like, 13 or 14.  I do, however, approve of the choice of John Locke talking like Pen-Pen.


kamehamepwned (11:02:49 PM): I am about to be TV self destructive.
Aura Noneofyourbeeswax (11:03:11 PM): Is that like when you set the timer to turn the TV off by itself?
kamehamepwned (11:04:06 PM): Hahaha.
kamehamepwned (11:04:24 PM): It's where someone says to me "Huh, I just realized I haven't seen Kaworu die yet!"
Aura Noneofyourbeeswax (11:04:40 PM): Wow.
kamehamepwned (11:04:56 PM): Which turns me into some Evangelion Mother Theresa who must accompany everyone in seeing it even though it makes me cry every time, because it'll probably make THEM cry. *fail*
kamehamepwned (11:05:45 PM): And now that I can get youtube on my tv... XD
kamehamepwned (11:06:46 PM): ...it gets weird, though. No, tv, Jenniffer Love Hewlitt getting punk'd is not episode 24 of Eva.
Aura Noneofyourbeeswax (11:07:00 PM): Is that the new rickroll?
kamehamepwned (11:09:04 PM): ...no, the new rickroll is trying to find Eva and getting a naruto music vid of I LOVE PAIN venue.

...okay. Youtube? How does 'evangelion director's 24' give me Fallout Boy music videos? Not like, vids, but the actual band music video. WHY.

I'm watching this thing tomorrow because now I feel like I am going to puke my guts out. AWESOME.


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