Aug. 5th, 2010

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I am going to nap like hell (I've been up since 8 on 3 hours sleep) in a minute, but I figured I'd summarize the two Very Important Dr. appointments from today.

>So apparently all around my eyesight has actually improved. I had no idea it could do that. (Maybe some medication was making it worse, idk). I saw both surgeons today and they decided to see me again in November and if it's still improving, they'll keep seeing me in small spans until they're pretty satisfied my eyes are okay again. However, if my eyes do not satisfy Dr. A, then I am scheduled for surgery. The plan is to tighten the muscles on the outer part of the eyes and see how that does.

By accidental circumstance it ended up being the first eye appointment I had by myself. I made it through okay, which is amazing considering my phobia. Yay me?

>Saw a different Dr. at Gastro today and his supervising Dr. The plus side of your health system being a teaching hospital means you get a lot of different input. He kept asking if they'd 'ever taken a look in my stomach' and the wording kept making me get scared of not having escaped surgery after all. No, just a few things. A: My last appointment to check my kidney cyst was apparently not finished. I forgot about it that when they tried to load me into the MRI the thing was already broken, so it didn't work. So I'm supposed to ask my nurse to get me rescheduled for another one.

B: They decided that my 'stomach wasn't processing food correctly for some reason'. So they've got me having a Solid Foods Gastric Emptying Study next week. Apparently I eat scrambled eggs and toast or oatmeal that they give me. It's totally laced with radioactive substance, yum. Then I sit in front of a scanning machine for 4-5 hours. Ummmm. I really hope I am allowed to do something during this time. .__.

It really sounds like they want to poke around in my stomach if that test is inconclusive and that freaks me out a little bit. I mean, whatever they need to do to fix it, but... you know?

C: I'm back on Reglan and... really back on it, I guess. I was on 2.5mg in the morning and night until I got taken off. Now I'm on 5mg three times a day with an optional fourth time. This being optional unless I decide for myself I need the fourth time in which case I change my own prescription to mandatory four times a day. I'm uncomfortable with that, meh. But I managed it with the Seroquel and it's worked for months, so... I guess it's okay?

>IDK I don't have much else. Napping until 9:30 and then sending in my FAFSA and roleplaying. Such excitement is me. :D


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