Aug. 6th, 2010

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reading red robin #1

the art makes tim look way too old :(

I LIKE IT, but that just keeps yanking me out of the story, man. I hope they didn't forget his age like they did with Connor Hawke. (The poor kid should be 19 and instead they have him mid-twenties. Good job, guys).

EDIT: dick going out of his way to make sure tim knows he's an equal = adjgjk. THIS IS WHY I UNQUIT COMICS.

man, now i gotta dig back up the train issue of nightwing, hehe.

EDIT 2: the padding in damian's costume makes him look like he has boobies.

just sayin'.
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I am going to save up money to commission someone to draw me that because THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. also i need to go dig up the relevant pages of nightwing, brb

and the train thing. but i'm going to bully patrick into drawing me the train thing (or cass).

:D :D :D

i am so tired because i stayed up all night reading comics? i was going to quit for the night but then kon showed up. then i was going to quit but tam and tim (their names need more differences) make me laugh. then i was going to quit but it was awesome. then i was going to quit but i wanted to see what what tim's plan was. then i nearly stayed up reading legion of three worlds, i can't remember why i didn't. i don't even remember going to sleep. hhaapfft.
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okay, in my reading of comics, i accidentally skipped a few issues of Red Robin. it happens sometimes, things jump from issue 7 to 11 because the numbering is wrong.

anyway ISSUE NINE IS BLOWING MY MIND. The art is awesome, Conner finally looks good in that dummy costume, it feels fitting to stop calling him Kon, they let him grow his hair out again! And Tim looks his age again! And and HUGS BROMANCE YEAH LOL HUGS :) :) :)

(No, every time Conner reunions with someone doesn't make me cry SHUT UP I SWEAR)

I can't wait until I finish reading everything I need to read so I can play DC in the bar again. I need to contact the other DCU players somehow and try to set things up and hope they want to talk/play with me. By last count, I have about 100 issues to peruse, but I still don't have everything. Also I need to actually join the DCU game I tried to join awhile back but then life got hectic before I could finish my application.

I wanna recruit April back to the bar. :( I don't think I have a chance in hell of getting Jamie to play again and I probably only have .00001% chance of recruiting April, but I want my awesome oldskoolers back with me! I MISS THEM AND PLAYING WITH THEM

Oldskool. The problem comes in adaption, because the DC faction actually exists as two universes in the bar. The characters established after Jamie and April quit are all in the new one. The old one, we got pretty far in writing and rewriting canon. I'm not going to undue that. I play my characters in the other universe if they need/want it, that's the deal, but there's way too much history to leave my characters' home universe behind now. I'm just simply not into the idea of rebooting with these guys. It's perfectly fine in terms of canon, DC has allowances for this stuff anyway. But I have no idea where the bar is right now. I AM A LONE SOLDIER EVERY MAN IS AN ISLAND. That's all fine and good but if it alienates people then it's not great at all because I want to play with people, not annoy them. Also, if I don't reboot, I have to basically adapt the last four years of comics to fit a completely different universe. By myself, unless my re-recruit plan turns out awesome. (And recruit). I've got someone maybe'ing about picking up a character and sticking them in the same universe.

But... ow, yeah? For one thing, exactly how do I get half-crippled house husband Dick who's co-raising a kid to being Batman? The only reason he's NOT out there is he doesn't just get bullied if he tries, he gets followed in ways he can't escape. Everyone was in on it to the point that they actually could stop him in his tracks. Hahaha fail. :|

If I can figure out a way to fix his leg it would be okay, considering he's already done his time in therapy and he's always going to have some of his issues. But I don't think there's any magic potion or else Babs would be out of her wheelchair. Comics pretty much forgot Dick was half crippled for a long while. I didn't, and I studied the realistic healing and talked to a doctor (I felt this was real SRS BZNS) and to medical character muns OOCly and various characters were trying to figure it out ICly. Nobody could ever do anything in the bar because Dick refused any magical measures to be taken. So that was pretty lame in itself. At one point, surgery was being talked but was at a roadstill until someone found a surgeon, so that... didn't happen.

Hrm. :|

Conner's hard too, because I was asked to retcon out his death and we completely skipped over the entirety of Infinite Crisis. It just... didn't happen. So exactly how do I get him to still have the character growth that has him pretty much mentally saved today?

Hrm. :|
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Then read Modern Age archives so I can write my app.

And write the Milliways apps I have left.



I like this "my ADHD is finally controlled by therapy and medication" thing. It means I can love multiple things and not just one at a time. i need to redo my profile page soon so it's not really ugly up to date on what I follow at the moment. Hee.

Comics make me feel funny because the last time when I was getting into them, I knew nobody who followed them. I had to slowly work on getting others to feel the comics love. now i'm getting into it again and it seems like EVERYONE is into comics right now. i can post about it and my posts ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE TO YOU GUYS. i have never had this many friends into comics all at the same time. did dc or marvel do something really special to recruit y'all? because last time i checked, most people quit in 2008. oops.

seriously, i am massively wondering here. :O

i've been thinking of unquitting air gear lately, but that endeavor really scares me!!



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