Aug. 18th, 2010

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Went through being horribly sick for the test to it being rescheduled again, because insurance was being manned by a witch today therefore we didn't get transport. :| I did at least find out what they'll probably do if the stomach test turns out position. Apparently an endoscopy to inject botox in the inside of my gut.


Whatever works, man, but dude.

Anyway I'll be on regular tomorrow after I do all my Nyaabari stuff. Finally fixed the fonts on my computer, so Patrick can typeset without trouble. My computer is still horrendously slow and I need to call Dell, but I can deal with that. In the meantime I finally managed to design a new layout. Coding oon!

PS: PSP or PSPGo? Thoughts?
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Both my problem and my asset is that I have countless dream jobs. I'm starting to settle on what would be the most feasible and achievable, though. I know I'll achieve it, the only question is when... which all depends on my disability.


I suppose I should state that more precisely. I know it's partially achievable. The rest depends on luck and my ability to manipulate resources. The best way to becoming a writer of comics is by starting as an editor of comics. The latter will be easy. The former? Not so much.

My dream will always be writing an Alfred Year Zero for DC. You know it would be awesome, come on.

We'll see what happens, yeah? If nothing else, I can probably get something laid down by Image, which would be pretty cool. I just have to nail down the story with [ profile] mic_soldier, who will be drawing it. At the same time I'm working just as hard on a collaboration with Silence. So I guess I'm chasing my dream of being a published writer in more than one medium.

So many ideas in so little time. But I'm not even sure if editing is what I'm going after. I'm not deciding until I'm done at my current school and can go after my Bachelor's.

A little time is needed to re-orient myself after four years of a tailspin by those damn ticks. :| Damn you, bugs and your transmissions! Daaamn youuuu!


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