Aug. 25th, 2010

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Doctor's appointments today:

Hearing test came out 'much better' than last year. The audiologist doesn't think the doctor will want surgery or a hearing aid anymore, but they're still concerned about the fact my tinnitus is much worse. I see the doctor on Sept 1, we'll see what happens with that.

Knee is awesome and not infected anymore. No antibiotics needed. The part that was gonna need stitches is almost healed up without them. Turns out throwing a bunch of wound cleaning alcohol on it twice a day (OH GOD IT BURNS) took it from bad to good. Yay!

May be put on low level antibiotics anyway. They're thinking of using low level Azithromycin to replace the Reglan. I had to go off of Reglan because it was crippling me with severe malaise and dizziness every night. Unfortunately it's also the only thing that got rid of my migraines and headaches (for a month)! So now they're back. At least I know it's possible to suppress them now. We'll just have to find another way. :/

Anyway the Azithromycin intentionally makes you stomach sick to keep your stomach working (diarrhea). Pffff.

I also got re-referred to the sleep doctors, I need another sleep test to adjust my sleep apnea machine. I'm waking up 1-3 times a night from my apnea, with the mask. Apparently it's probably because I've lost weight. Cuz I've lost 60 pounds!

In the meantime, my ADHD has pinned as my worst problem area at the moment. My OCD/anxiety is at second. I'm wondering if the Welbutrin isn't working anymore, considering it's not making me lose weight anymore either, and it's still supposed to. Hrm. I mean, it's for weight, OCD and ADHD. LET'S LOOK AT THOSE THREE AREAS, YEAH. >_>

Seriously I can't get anything done anymore, it's bad enough I'm supposed to leave a note for my psychiatrist tomorrow when I'm at therapy group and see if he can do something before my next appointment. :x


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