Sep. 22nd, 2010

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Apparently the appointment thing was a slipup. Now I feel bad for being upset! :( I couldn't have known, but still...

Nurse called and said she thinks it's a mix of my being ill and my medication needing adjusting. She raised me from 40mg twice a day to 60mg twice a day. I'm also supposed to actually take the cold medicine I have (what a concept, wtf me). I was afraid to take it because I heard that they speed up the heartbeat. But as long as I'm "really careful" it's okay. We're stuck in a hard place where I need medicine for both my over-abundance of phlegm and my pulse acting up. But she said the usual number is fast but not out of control. So that helps.

Dr G has me seeing another Dr on Friday and then I see my Nurse on Wednesday and then I see him next Friday. So they've dealt with this in five phone-calls, three appointments and a medicine change. I feel really mean for being upset, before. I've gotten rid of that LJ post because really -_-.

I'm sort of afraid my heartbeat will get back to normal by Friday, even though I do have machine numbers for my heartrate. Any time before, when I got sent to the ER for cardiac reasons, my BPM was fucked up and then it acted okay for the paramedics and the ER. Actually it acting like that in emergencies is what a hand in my diagnosis, but it still worries me. But then I realize, um, they switched my medicine over the phone in hopes it would settle it. So nobody's going to say I'm hypochondriac if it does!

I just worry a lot, when it comes to appointments. :/


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