Sep. 30th, 2010

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I have not had a good month, computer-wise. i am still waiting for a replacement power-cord, but it may take another day or so. There may be one in the mail right now, but I've been pretty sick the past two days and therefore can't walk to the box to find out. This would be solved easily if I had a bike, but there is not one yet.

I did have the Toshiba but the computer OS is completely torn apart. it won't even load Safe Mode, at this point, nor can it install a new OS when the discs are put in. Yes, it's so ruined that it can't even do that. WTF?

My sister managed to scrounge up a power-cord that can make her Dell stay plugged in but not charged, but she doesn't like me using her computer very much. This in addition to being sick means that I have pretty much lost all social contact outside my family for the past few days and it's not very helpful for my mood. (Tying into this, I have ran out of two of my psychiatric meds for the past week, which doesn't help either. Oy).

I've been watching a lot of tv in the absence. I've been pretty much marathonning Doctor Who, but now I want a break from that so I've been trying Torchwood. I've never watched it before because of two reasons: most people, including the people I know who watched it religiously, say it's not worth bothering with. Secondly, I never liked any of the characters (other than Jack) very much when they crossed into Doctor Who, so why would I have tried?

Utter boredom, it seems like.

Its reputation for being a terrible show doesn't ring true, in my opinion, when it comes to quality. But it does, however, ring true. It's filmed well, it's written well. It has all the elements that should make a good show. However, it simply doesn't.

This doesn't mean it's not entertaining. But it does make it more than a little maddening.

I'm three episodes in and i realize that this means I can't form a full opinion yet, it simply wouldn't be fair. However, it means I can speak to how the setup is working.

I'm three episodes in and they're playing a tricky balance. When the show started, I found every character except Gwen to be unlikably and irredeemable. This, unfortunately, included Jack. They pretty obviously decided to go with three plot devices in this series.

A) Gwen is the audience's 'in' and intended to represent our journey as much as hers into the plot and series.
B) Each character has been 'corrupted' in some way by being 'merely human' but having access to 'unworldly powers'. From what I've seen, this excepts Ianto, but he has also had a screentime of no more than seven minutes in three episodes. There's not exactly room for him to do anything in there.
C) A common thing for the Tenth Doctor was the theme of 'absolute authority blinds a good man to the meanings of his own actions'. This is somewhat like B, but with some differences. For some reason that I can only attribute to Davies' influence over the series, they've been playing this a lot with Jack. With his character, it doesn't really work too well.

They also really want the audience to know it's more 'hard-hitting' and 'grownup' than Doctor Who, which comes out in being graphic about the subject matter, but only for a certain amount of time. For the other amount of the time, they censor things just the same. It's a contrary way of handling it that makes everything awkward, rather than flowing smoothly.

Each episode seems to focus on attempting to redeem one character for the audience. I'm not really surprised, with Davies, about the way Series 1 is written. He has a style of writing and this really fits it to a T (hahaha).

All of these elements are hard to make work and it really doesn't work all that well. But we'll see if it improves as i get farther in.

It's still enough to entertain me, I will give it that. But things are going to have to change soon or it'll get very old really quickly.


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