Oct. 4th, 2010

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Not being able to see Gorillaz in concert is really upsetting to me. As they've already confirmed another CD, it's likely they'll go on another tour, but nothing's ever guaranteed.

Pretty much, I only have two sure chances to see them in concert, and I can't take up either one of them.

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I get my Flexeril, Wellbutrin and Seroquel today. Since we ran out of money for prescriptions (and my psychiatric meds are almost the only ones with co-pay, lovely) I've been off these for:

Flexeril: September 18
Seroquel: September 26
Wellbutrin: September 27

That's 17 days, 8 days and 7 days. Obviously I've been having a lot of problems both mentally and physically, although oddly no problems with suicidal thoughts. The Lamictal works better than I think, I guess. My insomnia's been horrible the past few days as well (I haven't slept yet)! Now all I need to do is scrounge up $22 to pick up my Toradol shots. :|

I see my neurologist today. I was supposed to see him in June, but I couldn't make it to that appointment, so they rescheduled it for today. The last time I saw him was May. Since he had been determined to see me within a month, this hasn't been very handy. For good reason, too. We're going to have to discuss my pain again and I'm not sure how well that will go. I (and soon him) now know that Reglan completely suppresses my migraines, occipital neuralgia and cluster headaches. But since I have extreme adverse affects from the Reglan, I can't take it. Hopefully that will give him a clue as to what may work, but I have no idea. We need to discuss physical therapy. I also need to know whether to see my pain doctor again or not, whether trigger point injections are still worthwhile or not. I've been due for a new round for about a year. I am supposed to get them every four months, but it didn't work out, so...

The trigger point injections tend to be 12-24 shots in various places around my skull and shoulders. It's a mix of numbing medication (usually some modification of what the dentists use as a base) with a drug that slows the breakdown of the medication. It stays in circulation for two-four months. They hadn't been working very well the last few rounds, so I was referred to my new neurologist. This is how I haven't had them again, as they would reschedule my appointments for the TPI for my neurologist, as the pain doctor was technically my neurologist on the books, though he didn't serve that role.

I also need my referral to the sleep doctor to go through. It was written a month ago! I've called and so has my GP's office, and it just hasn't gone through. Through weight loss, my prescription for my sleep apnea machine needs adjustment, which means that I need a sleep test. I need to see a sleep doctor. Hopefully this can be pushed through on Wednesday when I have my cardiac and monthly nurse checkup.

I think I may have missed my psychiatric appointment. I really hope this isn't true, I'll find out later. Cross your fingers for me, yeah? My OCD is bad enough that partial hospitalization needs to be seriously considered. I can't wait another month to see him. But even if I haven't missed it, it's a far stretch as to whether he will adjust my meds or not. I am literally crippled by my anxiety right now, on or off the meds, but he has not adjusted my meds in months. But this obviously needs to happen. Therapy isn't enough anymore, and goodness knows we've tried! Though there's more to try, obviously. My referral for personal therapy will hopefully go through, soon. I need that, too. Adjustment for anxiety means my meds won't be adjusted this month for my ADHD, but I can handle that far better than I can handle this!

I need to figure out a way to get out for socialization without a car... I am also soon to be in application, as well, for a job next summer. I was promised it years ago, but that was also years ago. We'll see how it goes, yeah? It pays $2000 for a six week job, which is pretty good. it's also a six week job of isolation from society, but it's at my second home, so I don't mind that at all!

So many paragraphs ended with exclamation points! Sheesh.

School has officially not worked out this September because of financial aid. But it will work out somehow for January, dammit. I am determined about this. In the absence, I'm picking up my musical training again. I am so off key! It makes me weep in my heart. Haha! I'm also applying for a special program for September 2011. We'll see how that goes, too! I am waiting for so many things to work out, on the edge of the cusp for them all. It doesn't help my poor, overworked nerves any, but I'll deal. I have to.

I need to get glasses soon. My next eye checkup is in November. That is the cementer for as to whether they will be operating on my eyes or not. I will be getting a firm yes or no at that point as to whether I need the third eye operation. I don't think, at this point, that I will need it. But the numbers are what will help them decide, and I don't know my numbers on my own. Obviously.

I need to get a bike soon as well. My weight loss is furthering, but I want to put as much effort as I can into this. Biking also helps a lot with my mental state. We'll see how it goes, yeah? I have a weigh-in today, so hopefully that goes well, too...

it's also nearly time for NANO. That will be fun :).


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