Nov. 14th, 2010

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stealing me a video game meme from [ profile] touchmy12inch . i am a shameless thief whee

Day 1 - Very first videogame.

A bunch of games through DOS. The only one I remember the name of is Leisure Suit Larry, which I have been playing since I was six. Good times, good times.

The first videogame I ever played through a system that was all my own was Parasite Eve. I saved up for and bought myself a Playstation and that was the first game I bought and played. $55 on a game I was buying blindly, but I never regretted it in any way whatsoever.

But I still haven't finished that game in my entire life. I need to rebuy it and finish it - and then the sequels. Aaaaaah
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So, the last time I saw her, my stomach Doctor diagnosed me with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. This is exactly what the name says it is, it's pretty straight forward. In my case, once or twice a month I will throw up several times an hour for 12 hours, and spend the time previous to this and after this in extreme nausea and occasional vomiting.

My last episode was really bad, I was literally five minutes away from having to go to the ER before it stopped. If I don't see my stomach Doctor before my next episode, I will end up in the ER that time, as it's been over two weeks and I am still severely dehydrated, despite doing everything I can to reverse it.

I have spent the last four months in a constant state of nausea. It varies from mild to major but it never went away. My Zofran would just take it to mild.

In the past week, my nausea is lowered considerably and I spend long periods of time without feeling sick to my stomach, which is a damn miracle at this point. After I lost my ability to eat for an entire day from the mere smell of a sub, I decided that maybe dairy was causing me some issues. I've lowered my dairy a lot, lowered my sugar, cut out soda and only drink lactose-free milk. It turns out that it's not the dairy, it's the lactose.

So it looks like sugar is a trigger. I've had problems with sugar balance for a long time. I was on insulin for a week and during that time I felt the healthiest I had in years. Okay, but all my diabetes tests are normal, including the fasting ones. So exactly what is going on there? It may be nothing, as sugars are a trigger for a lot of my diagnoses. But I do have to wonder why my blood sugar has trouble staying normal... except for when they're running a fasting test. WTF?

I will bring all this up at my next gastro appointment. At least, if nothing else, I now know a major trigger.


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