Dec. 16th, 2010

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Firstly: if you see this, if you can fire an email (anything, even blank!) at harmonicalsoul @ gmail I would be so grateful. Basically I am finding hotmail very off-putting to use, partially because I load gmail anyway when I go to check my hotmail. A theory was put that maybe my last email broke because of spam. So I'm erasing most forwarding so the spam doesn't catch up, but I want to see if it'll catch emails or still play the delay/or/delete tactic I've been getting from the other.

Please and thank you :D

Secondly: I hate cluster headaches. I hate migraines. I hate neuralgia. In the beginning of 2009, I had a horrible ten days where I was bounced through three ER visits that basically equaled out to being injected with toradol, duradrin and morphine alternating to try to kill a migraine I had that wouldn't go away. I nearly got put through a spinal tap, too, but they decided not to in the end (thank God: I've had one and it was the only experience I've had that was worse than an EMG). They finally kicked it out by putting in benadrylIV, tylonel (or aspirin, idek) and tegretol. But that only lasted less than 24 hours.

Then I saw neurology and they diagnosed me with cluster headaches. I got put on a steroid foil pack as well as a short-term use pain killer and that got rid of it.

I've been having the same experience the last 10 days, except it has been me alternating midrin and maxalt to try to kick it, then having to do three toradolIM shots this week. I finally called neurology today. They want me to go to the ER if the pain gets worse. I hate going to the ER. I really hope I don't have to. Right now I'm supposed to up my propanolol dose from 60mg twice a day to 60mg three times a day, and I'm on a steroid pack again. 6 pills for two days, 5 pills for two days, 4 pills for two days, 3 pills for two days, 2 pills for two days, 1 pill for two days. The ones for headaches tend to be long.

The one good thing is that if this doesn't work, I see the new pain doctor on January 11. But I don't know if the propanolol will stay raised or not. My GP office did not want to see it raised because apparently my blood pressure is already somewhat low because of it? So if it makes that worse, no matter what it does for my headaches, it goes back down. So, barring anything happening all of a sudden, I find out on Tuesday whether my GP office wants to keep or lower the dose.

I hate being on steroids, but if it keeps me out of the ER, I'll take it.


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