Dec. 19th, 2010

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Okay, so one of my favourite shows was canceled a week ago. I had no idea it was canceled until today.The Good Guys was awesome. It was a cop show that managed to pull being in old school style and do it well. It also pulled off mixed timelines when mostly that just fails. (28 seconds ago, 2 weeks ago, 1 week ahead very rarely, etc. It worked pretty well in Countdown to Infinite Crisis as well, but because it worked out a lot of productions abuse the hell out of it and just kind of looks stupid when not used right.)

But this isn't about that, not really. Fox is immediately rerunning it after they've canceled it. Is this usual practice? Because that just seems like mixed signals to me. I understand how showing a series that isn't continuing can look cheaper than renewing it, but here's the thing: in this case, is it, really? It can make sense in a lot of cases, but it makes absolutely no sense here.

If you cancel a series, you're saying that you need that timeslot and the series isn't worth it keeping in it. So here's the question... why re-air a show a show exactly 22 days after the last episode? It's not even that they ended it previous to airing. They didn't find out they were firmly canceled until 12/15. That's last Wednesday. The last episode was aired five days before that, on 12/10. The Friday before.

So basically they're giving a show that they told wasn't worth its timeslot... a timeslot.


If anyone could explain this, I would appreciate. Right now, to me, it's not even a matter of a good show being canceled. That happens often. It's a matter of Fox Television Studios acting so stupid that this literally offends me. It makes those of us who work in film (whether or not one is on hiatus or retired) look really bad in comparison and that's a lot of people that don't deserve it. I don't deserve it, either.

And if situations like this are common? This is a picture-perfect example of why most of my graduating class refused to work in television, even when it meant the only job they could get. The economy sucked and yet people were picking to retire out of the business if working in television was their only prospect.

Out of multiple graduating classes that I both learned with and helped teach, there was two people who aimed to work in television.



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