Dec. 21st, 2010

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Wikipedia says: "It has been reported that during the Gorillaz show at Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand on 21 December 2010, Damon Albarn announced that this would be their final live show."

There's a few main problems with that, including that nobody else claims this information and it would have been said several hours ago. Granted, there's no way for anyone to confirm or deny it on [ profile] gorillaz_news when there's no post for the concert yet - but the forum doesn't address this either.

It's never been said permanently and I honestly doubt it has been now or will be. It's been in ways that were meant to suggest it, but neither Damon or Jamie could ever bring themselves to confirm it.

Also, there's several interview quotes over the last two months where Damon in fact says that no matter what, he will never end the project, even if it changes forms.

I mean, this wouldn't mean the recordings are done (for one, there's a new cd release on Saturday for Sub-Division members. It'll only be a stream (and only on Christmas Day/Saturday) for everyone else but then there is a physical release of the same next year) but with these guys, live is a completely different beast altogether. You know. Which is why Damon said outright that he wouldn't stop the live shows, several times over the past two months with the latest quote attributing last week.

Considering how long it takes Damon to commit to any decision, I severely doubt he would flip his flop that closely.

It's times like these that I don't like Wikipedia's style. Hey, it could turn out to be true. But it shouldn't be up in the first place when it's not confirmed.

Let's just take some time to enjoy the preview of The Fall! (The name of Track 4 pleases me.)


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