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  • Сб, 17:12: new hair colour now, purple. please ignore the fact i am utterly incapable of looking nice in webcam photos
  • Сб, 17:29: RT @itsf8te: sassy gay death the kid...
  • Сб, 17:29: RT @tentaclePsych: @cogsnotfrogs Ask Karkat instead. I am quite sure he would enjoy sharing your masculine asteroid vandalism acts with ...
  • Сб, 17:59: oh my god internet what are you doing please work
  • Сб, 18:00: @klondikeaura aim isn't letting me on D:
  • Сб, 18:12: My secret: I am literally incapable of playing any troll that has puns or habits based on how speech sounds. But I dearly wish I was.
  • Сб, 18:12: learning disabilities ahoy
  • Сб, 18:22: @auspiced if only jake were a girl, then you could make a username that puns on english muffins
  • Сб, 18:25: RT @ImACatMew: @superidSour he made him specifically for screwing Jake, since he knew how badly Jake wanted the real thing. Best friend ...
  • Сб, 19:17: first thing sassy gay john says to a dave is a compliment i see where this is going already
  • Сб, 19:20: RT @StriderStyle: nic cage calling people assfuck is a turn on for sassy gay john
  • Сб, 20:24: RT @crymaxing: I TOLD YOU BRO. I TOLD YOU.
  • Сб, 20:26: fuck catie wasn't having fun writing sassy gay john so she gave him to me... quickest player change ever also dlksdfljksdf
  • Сб, 22:00: having to type in twitter RP in a way to fake private messages is annoying, i always worry someone's gonna get confused
  • Сб, 22:05: @auspiced bring jade out more often you jerk, this is amazing
  • Сб, 22:26: oh god terrible migraine
  • Сб, 22:38: time to relearn how to use commas
  • Сб, 23:05: guys i have to type dave with actual grammer syntax why do i feel like i need moral support for this
  • Сб, 23:15: crying mental tears of blood and anguish
  • Вс, 01:16: probably won't be back on aim today sorry guys i seem to have gotten a virus and i've gotta fix it
  • Вс, 01:19: and at that the kind of virus where the person can control your computer yay why would anyone want to hack me im boring
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