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Helpful Catie update:

*Laptop keyboard and internet's card are not working out
*Dell is broken in a way that nobody wants to risk even touching it
*Old standby laptop only runs for five minutes before shutdown due to overheat
*Old Desktop really hates working
*Tablet's power cord broke
*Sidekick has no active phone plan so it is just a thing

I am starting to suspect their house has some sort of force field that kills any electronics that get in it. It really would explain so many things.

That covers short term ideas.


A helpful soul* has helpfully and temporarily lent a netbook. With that, unless the monitor kicks out or the keyboard has any surprises then it will work. Its an HP Mini bought in March and then never ever used. So I think that has an okay chance? It has water damage...

If that works then they have it tomorrow. Otherwise I guess we will still have to see.

*i automatically typed that in as Soul. i am just a little ashamed.
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OK posting explanation of Mandy and Patrick disappearance for them because there are an awful lot of messages needing to get ahold of them.

Thing we all knew would happen eventually did and that is their computer completely died, kapoot, no pass go.

There will be a definite return in tomorrow, somewhere between 6pm EST and 9pm. It will not be before that because of doctor's appointment to check the bite stuff. By then they can see if the laptop can be temporarily fixed again or if there needs to be another solution. Hopefully it can be made to run.

If you want to give any message just comment here and I will make sure it goes to them. Same vein if theres anything that needs done right now I will try to do it. Just leave comment and I will try. (Or, message on twitter, @catieindeed)

Also you guys cross your fingers for doctor's appointment! Let's hope for no lyme funny business again, right???


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