Jul. 26th, 2010

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I was having fun in Knife and Candle at Echo Bazaar until it started spamming the hell out of me. And various people keep stealing the same thing from me over and over that I don't even have anymore. I got the item the first day I played so that's kind of pissing me off even though I know it's not as useful outside the game. Now I'm literally getting spammed in my email and twitter every five minutes with a message about various things. How the hell can they even keep stealing something they already got from me and I don't have anymore?

The spam's killing it for me, even if it's fun when I'm directly playing it. All I want to do now is get a few exotica (at least the one that I lost) and get out of it. Except now that I'm in, I can't get that item back without losing it if I quit. I got it through a card in the first place so that doesn't even make any sense. Who knew Echo Bazaar could create something so annoying?
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Does anyone know of any good programs to do vidding on? Something that's more complicated than the 'home movie' editing programs is what I'm having a hard time finding, here. I need to start getting back into this before January and I can't use the basic programs because if I do, I won't qualify for the job I'm applying for. (I'm applying for my old job as teacher's assistant in the film department and if a candidate hasn''t been using something else for at least six months, he won't hire you. The labs use Final Cut Pro but I don't have a Mac, so I can't use that to get unrusty, but if I can find something similar....)


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